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Frequently Asked Questions About Nixle

Crime Prevention Specialists

What is Nixle?

Nixle is a Community Notification System that enables public safety agencies, such as the San Jose Police Department, to communicate with residents in real-time, using social media, email and text/SMS messaging.


What type of messages would I receive from the SJPD via Nixle?

SJPD will use this communication tool for both emergency and non-emergency notifications. Only authenticated agencies and community organizations can securely publish information. There are "advisory" and "community" alerts. Advisory alerts are of less urgent and need-to-know information, and community alerts are day to day neighborhood to community-level information. San Jose Police will send an alert to residents in specific areas of the city to ensure community members are aware of an ongoing public-safety situation.


How do I register as a San Jose resident?

  1. You can register on the Nixle Community Notification System by going to
  2. Go to the map and select your police patrol division. San Jose Police has four Nixle accounts. Please look at the City of San Jose map on this page and it will direct you to your Police Division.

Once you click on the Division Map a small window will pop up, and you will be able to register your phone number and/or email address. You will need to input your zip code as well. It is simple to register and there is no cost to the subscriber.

If you already know which Division on the map you live in, you can scroll to the bottom and click
on the named Division (Western, Central, Foothill, or Southern) and enter in your information. 


Can I register with multiple addresses?

Initially, you must register with one address only.  Once registered, you can click on "Locations" and add additional addresses (locations) such as your work address or a family member's address.


Do I have to provide my phone number?Nixle Phone

No, you can receive email messages via internet from your computer.  However, in order to receive text messages or retrieve email messages on your phone, you'll need to provide your cell phone number.  This will allow you to receive up-to-date information that could affect you and your family from SJPD.


Can I limit the number of messages I receive from SJPD?

Yes, you can limit the text messages you receive by adjusting the type of messages you wish to accept. 


Can I respond to Nixle messages I receive?

No, this service is one way only, from SJPD to the public.  However, if you wish to share a crime tip or information with SJPD, you may call the non-emergency police number, 311 from a landline or (408-277-8900) from your cell.  Also, if you wish to provide an anonymous tip, please contact Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers online or call (408-947-7867.)


What do you do with my contact information? Will third parties contact me?

Information shared by users with Nixle is stored on a secure server in a secure facility. The company does not sell personal information to third parties. The privacy of your personal information is extremely important to us.


Can I use the system while traveling outside of the United States?

If you can access your e-mail or internet, you can access Nixle messages anywhere in the world. You will also receive messages on your mobile device while overseas. Some mobile provider plans may charge extra for overseas text messages, so you may want to log in and change your preferences prior to international travel.


Who do I contact for customer support?

Please send all consumer support questions to:  All general inquiries should be addressed to


Can I unsubscribe from Nixle?

There are a number of ways a resident can unsubscribe from Nixle:

  • Unsubscribe from text messages from a single ZIP code or keyword by texting STOP to 888777 and following the prompts.
  • Unsubscribe from text messages from all ZIP codes and keywords by texting STOPALL to 888777 and following the prompts.
  • Click the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of a Nixle email notification.
  • Adjust account settings by logging in at
  • Email and request to be unsubscribed.


I signed up for Nixle on SJPD.ORG as a San Jose, Western Division resident. Why am I receiving Nixle Alerts from other police agencies?

Nixle allows subscribers to sign up to receive alerts using Cell Phone Numbers, Email addresses and Zip codes.

Some alerts are sent to everyone in given zip code. However zip codes overlap municipal boundaries. An alert from one City or County may be sent to all the residents registered in a list of zip codes. So when you enroll using a zip code, you may ultimately receive alerts sent by neighboring cities, the County or even State agencies. SJPD does not support signing up by zip code. Our alerts will only be sent to subscribers who enroll in our patrol division based groups.


Can I sign up by texting my cell phone number to Nixle at 888777?

Because the City of San Jose is large, spanning more than 176 square miles and containing more than a million residents, San Jose's implementation of Nixle divides the city into four smaller police divisions, (Central, Foothill, Southern and Western).

Our use of Nixle targets alerts based on one of these four police divisions. In order to receive these more narrowly focused alerts from the San Jose Police Department, residents MUST subscribe to one or more of the four Nixle groups corresponding to an SJPD Division, by submitting a cell phone number and/or an email address. The sign-up can only be done using the form at SJPD.ORG.

Texting your zip code to 888777 or opting in on the Nixle web site will NOT result in receiving these departmental alerts from the San Jose Police.

Instead of texting your zip code to 888777, text one of the key words listed below to 888777

  • SJPDCITYWIDE - Receive ALL Nixle SMS alerts sent from SJPD
  • SJPDCENTRAL - Receive Nixle SMS alerts from the Central Division
  • SJPDFOOTHILL - Receive Nixle SMS alerts from the Foothill Division
  • SJPDSOUTHERN - Receive Nixle SMS alerts from the Southern Division
  • SJPDWESTERN- Receive Nixle SMS alerts from the Western Division


For more information on Nixle, please go to: "Resident FAQS".

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