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Ride-Along Program

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School Safety and Education Unit

The School Safety and Education Unit is responsible for contributing to the safety of school age children as they travel to and from school. This is accomplished by providing Adult Crossing Guards at designated intersections throughout the City, and providing training, guidance and supervision to the student safety patrols and their adult advisors. The Unit also provides safety education programs and presentations to area schools and at community events.  These presentations specifically address the topics of pedestrian and bicycle safety.  The Unit provides departmental liaison between the Police Department, school districts and administrators, and other mutually concerned groups and organizations.


The School Safety & Education Unit provides 3 major services:


Crossing Guard Program

Recruit, hire, train and supervise Crossing Guards to serve at the authorized Crossing Guard locations.  Currently the unit is responsible for 188 Crossing Guards at 114 locations throughout San Jose. The unit’s goal is to maintain a sufficient number of Crossing Guards in order to staff the maximum number of approved crossing locations within San Jose. 


School Safety Patrol

Provide initial Safety Patrol training to 4th and 5th grade students and their adult advisors.  Support safety patrol programs with inspection and evaluation of Student Safety Patrols.


Community Presentations

Educate youth on Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety issues by conducting presentations at community events.


The School Safety & Education Unit is a component of the Traffic Enforcement Unit. The School Safety Program Manager is responsible for overseeing the School Safety & Education Unit. School Safety Supervisors are responsible for all Crossing Guards, Safety Patrols and outreach.


Program Manager: Michelle Barte
School Safety & Education Supervisor: Anita Caramella
School Safety & Education Supervisor: Quintin Eng
School Safety & Education Supervisor: Soutloeun Mon
Office Location: 1671 The Alameda, Suite 100
San Jose, CA. 95126
Office: 408-277-4553
Crossing Guard Info: 408-537-9751
Fax: 408-277-4392


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Pedestrian traffic fatalities are on the rise in San Jose...

Teach children how to be safe when crossing the street (Video)

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Looking for a job as a School Crossing Guard?

Visit the San Jose Jobs web site and search for "School Crossing Guard" jobs


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