VOLT - Live Scan

Live Scan Information

Santa Clara County - Office of the Sheriff
55 W. Younger Avenue, San Jose, CA
(Located near First Street and Hedding Street - parking adjacent to Sheriff's Office)
(408) 808-4760

If you live in or around Campbell-Saratoga dial (408) 867-1598

If you live in or around San Martin dial (408) 686-3651

If you live in or around Stanford University or Palo Alto dial (650) 725-2499

(It is Strongly recommended to make appointments on line)


Hours: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm (Monday - Friday excluding Holidays)

Bring: Official valid Photo ID & Request for Live Scan Form

NOTE: Anyone that has bandaged fingers, injured fingers, or long and curved fingernails cannot be fingerprinted.

NO CHILDREN PLEASE. Make arrangements for childcare

On-line Live Scan Forms: Do not fill out any information below “Level of Service”. On-line time slots with a red * asterisk are already taken. Only the time with the open boxes are available. On-line print 3 copies of the applicant profile to take with you at the appropriate appointment time.

(From the appointment summary page, click on button at bottom of the page that says "Print Profile")

Keep your receipt after the completion of the Live Scan and bring into the VOLT office to place in your folder.


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