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Captains Bars with San Jose Police Shoulder PatchCaptain's Corner: (Thursday, April 17, 2014)

Always use the cross-walk... and LOOK both ways before crossing the street.

A total of twenty-one pedestrians were killed in San Jose, in 2013, continuing an alarming trend over the years. In most of these cases the pedestrian was jaywalking or crossing mid-block rather than crossing the street at an intersection where signal lights or other control devices were present.

Key Factors in Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities

  • Jaywalking / not crossing at controlled intersections
  • Pedestrian inattention
  • Night time / visibility dark, non reflective clothing
  • Alcohol / drug influence
  • Pedestrians crossing non-residential, multi-lane roadways

When driving a motor vehicle it is important to stay focused on the roadway, pay attention to changing conditions occurring around you, and watch for pedestrians. Pedestrians must be responsible and learn to cross the street at controlled intersections where signal lights or other control devices are present. Whether a pedestrian or driver, a fatal traffic collision is a traumatic - emotional and life-altering event, impacting the families and friends of all those involved.


Captain Shawny Williams
Commander | Southern Division
Bureau of Field Operations

Southern Division

Southern Division encompasses approximately 123 square miles. It is the largest of the four patrol divisions.

Southern Division is comprised of four patrol districts:

Tom, Adam, X-ray and Yellow. The boundaries of the Southern Division are roughly Hamilton Ave - Pine Ave Curtner Ave. and Capital Expy. to the North, the Towns of Los Gatos and Campbell to the West, the Foothills to the East, and the City of Morgan Hill to the South.

Southern Division hosts such attractions as the Almaden Lake Park, the Almaden Quicksilver Park, and Coyote Creek Golf Club - one of Silicon Valley's most distinguished golf courses. Additionally, the Almaden Valley Art and Wine Festival takes place each September.



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