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The Traffic Investigations Unit encourages everyone to slow down and pay attention when driving or walking on roadways.


Auto-Pedestrian Collisions

San Jose historically has a high percentage of auto/pedestrian fatal collisions.

SAN JOSE TRAFFIC FATALITIES 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
TOTAL TRAFFIC FATALITIES: 41 24 42 30 33 27 32 29 40 43
PEDESTRIAN RELATED DEATHS: 14 9 17 16 12 7 20 12 21 24


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Always use the cross-walk... and LOOK both ways before crossing the street.

San Jose reported: 24 auto/pedestrian fatal collisions in 2014.

Key Factors in Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities

  • Jaywalking / not crossing at controlled intersections
  • Pedestrian inattention
  • Night time / visibility – dark, non reflective clothing
  • Alcohol / drug influence
  • Pedestrians crossing non-residential, multi-lane roadways

A total of twenty-four pedestrians were killed in 2014. Let's say that again for emphasis, two dozen pedestrians were killed in San Jose in 2014. This trend has continueed at an alarming rate over the years. In most of these cases the pedestrian was jaywalking or crossing mid-block rather than crossing the street at an intersection where signal lights or other control devices were present.

Over the past several years, alcohol and/or narcotic influence of either the driver of the vehicle or the pedestrian have played a role in a significant number of the deaths.  These unfortunate and preventable incidents are occurring in all areas of the City, however, the majority of fatalities appear to be occurring on busier multi-lane roadways as compared to residential streets. A high percentage of the accidents occurred during darkness. Inattention of pedestrians also seems to be a very prevalent factor when examining these accidents.

When driving a motor vehicle it is important to stay focused on the roadway, pay attention to changing conditions occurring around you, and watch for pedestrians. Pedestrians must be responsible and learn to cross the street at controlled intersections where signal lights or other control devices are present. Whether a pedestrian or driver, a fatal traffic collision is a traumatic - emotional and life-altering event, impacting the families and friends of all those involved.

The purpose of this website is to educate and inform the residents of San Jose regarding traffic related issues. The Traffic Investigations Unit encourages everyone to learn from this information, slow down and pay attention when driving or walking on roadways.



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