SJPD Fallen Officers

Sgt. Morris Van Dyck Hubbard

Sgt. Morris Van Dyck Hubbard

1895 - 1924

Killed in the Line of Duty July 12, 1924

We Honor the Sacrifice He Made

On July 12, 1924, at approximately 1820 hours, a citizen reported a man forcibly taking a female from a residence on East Julian St. When the call came in, Sergeant Hubbard, a plain clothes detective who had been on the department for 7 years, and his partner responded to the area of East Julian.

Sergeant Hubbard and his partner located the suspect and the victim at Julian and 15th. Hubbard was drawing his gun and ordering the suspect to surrender when the gunman spun around and fired. The suspect’s first shot missed. The suspect, Sergeant Hubbard and Hubbard’s partner all fired simultaneously. Sergeant Hubbard was struck in the abdomen and the suspect was struck in
the chest. Both men went down.

Sergeant Hubbard was conscious at the hospital. With his wife and friends at his side, he told them who he wanted as pallbearers at his funeral. At 2030 hours, Sgt Hubbard died on the operating table.

Sergeant Hubbard was the first San Jose Police Officer killed in the line of duty.

We would like to remember Sergeant Morris VanDyck Hubbard with a moment of silence.

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