Airport Division - Travel Tips

Contrary to the information on many travel websites which promise secrets to speed you through airport security and check-in, the truth is you need to plan on extra time whenever flying.  Include time to park your car, catch a shuttle or the time to get to the check-in counter.  Remember, the departure time is the time the plane leaves, not the time you board.  Plan ahead for traffic, airport construction delays, and anything else which might go wrong.  If you are traveling with small children, or with others who might require additional assistance, plan on more time.  Both Mineta San Jose International Airport and the TSA have valuable travel tips on their websites.

Segway, stroller and a Mom

You can get up-to-date traffic information by calling 5-1-1, or online at

If you are parking your car, long-term lots are cheaper than the short-term lots close to the terminal.  Airport shuttle busses run 24/7.  Lock your car.  Do not leave anything of value inside.  Write your parking location on your parking stub and take it with you in your wallet or purse.

If you are getting dropped off or picked up by someone else, remember there is no waiting allowed at the airport curbs.  Vehicles left at the curb will be cited and towed by airport Parking Control Officers (PCOs.)   If a driver refuses to move the car when asked by a PCO, the vehicle may be cited.  If you receive a parking ticket, you may pay the fine or contest the ticket by following the directions printed on the citation or clicking the link to the left.

Keep your luggage and personal effects with you at all times.  Unattended items are reported to the Police and investigated as suspicious packages.  Similarly, if you see any suspicious items or unattended bags, do not hesitate to report them to airport personnel or the police by dialing 9-1-1.

If you need the police for a non-emergency, you can dial 3-1-1 or (408) 277-8900.  If you need a police report, many reports can be taken over the phone, or reported online at

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