Reserve Unit – Benefits

Patrol car
  • Membership in the Municipal Employees' Credit Union of San Jose .
  • Keith Kelly Membership (exclusive to the Department’s full-time and reserve police officers only).
  • Can work in all aspects of the patrol division.
  • Access to the Department’s fitness and weight training facilities (open 24 hours a day and fully equipped).
  • Work compensated assignments (Must have completed the Field Training Program and must be off probation).
  • Access and use of the Department’s range.
  • All safety equipment is issued.
  • All mandatory training is paid for.
  • Uniform allowance (based on total service hours provided).
  • Recognized as a member and an officer of the San Jose Police Department.
  • Gain experience that may save loved ones or other acquaintances.
  • Training and experience with, and the ability to examine, all phases of police work.
  • The opportunity to serve the City of San Jose, its residents, and visitors.
  • Membership in the San Jose Police Reserve Peace Officers Association.
  • Membership in the California Reserve Peace Officers Association.



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