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In 1999, Senate Bill 359 (SB 359) was given an urgency classification by Senator Pete Knight to legislatures. This bill was successful in passing both the Assembly and Senate unanimously and Governor Gray Davis signed it into law.

Senator Knight stated, "Many reserve officers have years of experience and are a highly trained resource for California's law enforcement agencies. The law should not disregard these officers' contributions by treating them differently, and it should be changed." Senator Knight added that Reserves Peace Officers should be given an equal treatment.

Thanks to Senator Knight this bill allows Active Reserve Police Officers to lateral (transfer from one department to another) without having to upgrade their training to present standards. Full-time officers already had this provision, but now, the active Level I and Level II Officers have the same provision and they can laterally transfer from one department to another without losing their status.

In 1999, Mr. James Lombardi, President of the California Reserve Peace Officers Association said, "The current law potentially discourages over 1,000 reserve officers from seeking permanent status in another agency, which hinders other agencies from filling much needed job openings. I'm thankful that Senator Knight has introduced SB 359 to address this critical issue."

The selection process for laterals are the same as new officers application process. However, due to this new law the active Level I and Level II officers are not required to update their trainings to meet the new standards.








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