Reserve Unit – Training

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The Reserve Police Officer Training Program it is exactly the same as the full-time Police Officers Training Program. Reserve Police Officers are required to study the same policies, procedures, and duty manual.

All three shifts-day, swing, and midnight-must be worked. The Reserve Recruit Officers will be evaluated by an F.T.O. (field training officer). The recruit officers are expected to perform as solo beat officers at the end of their training program. During the 500 hours of F.T.O. training, the Recruit Reserve Officers will be evaluated on job training performance, given written exams, quizzes, midterm, and the final exam. Each test must be passed.

Once the Officers successfully complete the 500 hours of POST certified training program, they are required to go to the probationary board and must be able to answer any questions from the duty manual, Departmental policies, and procedures. Recruits' performance during the F.T.O. program will also be evaluated.





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