School and Neighborhood Enforcement

Officer issuing an ECitationThe San José Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) addresses chronic problems in neighborhoods – specifically those that involve streets that are used as “cut-throughs” (streets that commuters use to avoid major arterials), and those that have an excessive traffic flow based on the location of schools within neighborhoods.  These chronic problems affect our citizens and students that live and attend school on these streets and are seeking some relief from the heavy flow of traffic and excessive speed.

The city of San José has approximately one million residents.  The city of San Jose has nearly 2,300 miles of roadways and over 16,000 intersections; additionally, we have approximately 225 schools within our jurisdiction.  We currently have 21 officers devoted to enforcing traffic complaints for the nation’s 10th largest city.  

School Zone Speed Limit SignDue to the shortage of staffing resources, the TEU handles as many of these requests for enforcement as permissible by time and resources.  It is a complaint, priority-based effort. The TEU conducts rotating enforcement in these zones.

Due to the aforementioned staffing issues, we must balance our enforcement efforts by focusing on the highest crash locations and base enforcement priorities on collision data and chronic neighborhood and school nuisances. 

Some of the issues with schools can be dealt with through our tri-annual Operation Safe Passage program, while others need more immediate attention.  These operations are meant to give service to those areas where traffic flow is causing a severe impact on the quality of life and safety of our citizens.


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