California's Graduated Driver's Licensing Program

To reduce teen injuries and fatalities due to car accidents on CA roads, the state passed the Graduated Driver's License (GDL) law in 1997. The GDL program requires teens to gradually earn their driving privilege one step at a time―starting first with a provisional permit, then a provisional driver's license, and ultimately a full CA license without driving restrictions. At a glance, the GDL program requires CA teen drivers to:

  1. Complete a 30-hour, state-approved driver's education class.
  2. Obtain then hold a provisional learner's permit for six months (upon passing a traffic laws and road signs test).
  3. Complete six hours of professional, behind-the-wheel drivers training.
  4. Complete 50 additional hours of driving practice with an adult who as at least 25 years old (10 of which must be nighttime hours).
  5. Pass a California driving test and earn a provisional license.
  6. Maintain your provisional license and adhere to driving restrictions until you turn 18; Upon your 18th birthday, the state lifts these restrictions and grants you full driving privileges.





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