Traffic Safety and DUI Programs

SJPD DUI / Safety Programs:

Every 15 Minutes – A realistic program educating high school teens about DUI. The presentation involves a staged DUI fatal collision and mock funeral. This is a two-day event that targets juniors and seniors. This is planned a year in advance for participating schools. This is a very powerful program. (More photos)

Sober Grad – The Sober Graduation program began in 1985. The community-based program targets teens that are in the last few months of their senior year in high school: during prom, graduation, and other end-of-the-year activities. It is designed to be as realistic as possible in educating students on the consequences of drinking and driving, and often includes the use of simulator vehicles, jail tours, mock trials, graphic accident photos, stories from those who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers, and/or a tour of the county morgue.

Crash Trailer DisplayDUI Crash Trailer – This trailer contains an automobile involved in a fatal traffic collision, in which the driver was killed by a person driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The San Jose Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit does presentations at high schools with the trailer, educating the students about DUI.


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Sobriety checkpoint

Sobriety Checkpoints – The Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit conducts publicized sobriety checkpoints to screen drivers for DUI.

Operation Safe Passage – During specific weeks (usually after summer, holiday and spring breaks), an increased emphasis is put on enforcing traffic laws around school zones. Motorcycles officers patrol in the morning and afternoon hours. The emphasis is to protect children as they go to and from school and to encourage safe driving so that children and adults who choose to walk or bike, can do so in a traffic-safe environment.

Traffic Safe Communities Network -Traffic Safe Communities Network (TSCN) is a community collaborative guided by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department. TSCN has three workgroups Alcohol & Impaired Driving, Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety, and Roadway Safety that are responsible for developing creative solutions to the county’s traffic safety challenges.

OUR MISSION: Create safe places to live, work, and learn through community partnerships. The Department maintains
a commitment to the following values: Integrity, Courage, Excellence, Service, Diversity, Innovation, and Respect.