Bureau of Administration

Deputy Chief Mark Bustillos

Deputy Chief:
Mark Bustillos

The Bureau of Administration is commanded by Deputy Chief Mark Bustillos.


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Captain Tim Porter

BOA Commander:
Captain Tim Porter

Tim was hired in January of 1988. As an officer, Tim worked Bureau of Field Operations - patrol, Merge (SWAT Team), Bureau of Investigations - DEA Task Force. He was promoted to sergeant in March of 1998. As a sergeant, Tim worked Bureau of Investigations Sexual Assault Investigations - Sexual Registrant Enforcement Team, Homicide Unit, and Bureau of Field of Operations - Metro Unit.

Tim was promoted to Lieutenant in February of 2007. As a Lieutenant, He worked Bureau of Field Operations - Patrol. He also served as the Commander of the Metro Unit for the Special Operations Division. Tim was promoted to Captain in November of 2011, and was appointed to command the Central Division until Febuary of 2012. Afterwhich he was assigned to command the Special Operations Division. Captain Porter was assigned to command the Bureau of Investigations Division II in March 2015. He was assigned to command the Bureau of Administration effective January 24, 2016.







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