Robbery / Warrants

Robbery UnitThe Robbery Unit conducts follow-up investigations of all robbery, extortion, kidnapping for ransom or robbery, grand theft “purse snatch” cases, and other robbery related crimes.

The Robbery Unit assists the Bureau of Field Operations (BFO) and other BOI units with investigation of serious felony crimes and other major events.

The Robbery Unit participates in Department-wide community policing efforts by establishing community policing strategies through education, prevention and apprehension of suspects.

Members of the Robbery Unit provide ongoing training and education in robbery crime trends and investigation to other Department members.


The Warrants Detail

The Warrants Detail is responsible for coordinating the return of all persons wanted for criminal conduct originating in the City of San Jose, in order to ensure the timely prosecution of suspect individuals. The Warrants Detail is responsible for coordinating the extradition of prisoners held out-of-state, including processing the necessary documents, prisoner transportation and submission of final extradition paperwork.

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