Division of Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis word cloudThe Division of Cannabis Regulation has the responsibility to monitor the operations of registered medical and non-medical cannabis businesses in the City of San Jose . This robust regulatory program consists of continuous site-inspections of registered cannabis businesses, conducting background investigations on all employees, investigating violations of the San Jose Municipal Code and conducting analysis of criminal activity in the areas surrounding cannabis businesses.

For more information about the Division, or to report any concerns or illegal activity regarding a cannabis business in San Jose, please call (408) 537-1420 or email us at


Any cannabis business or delivery service not on this list is NOT registered with the City and not operating lawfully in accordance with the San Jose Municipal Code.

Registered Cannabis Business
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1190 Coleman Ave., San Jose, CA
 (408) 320-0230
CA Collective
210 Phelan Ave., San Jose, CA
 (408) 809-4301
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1695 S 7th, San Jose, CA
 (408) 297-2615
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3591 Charter Park Drive, San Jose, CA
 (408) 264-7877
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985 Timothy Drive, San Jose, CA
 (408) 443-3344
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1365 N 10th, San Jose, CA
 (888) 994-2726
ext 4
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1761 Smith Ave., San Jose, CA
 (408) 266-4293
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543 Parrott Street, San Jose, CA
 (408) 297-0543
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1859 Little Orchard, San Jose, CA
 (408) 982-3170
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1075 N 10th, San Jose, CA
 (408) 298-8837
11.  No
2121 S 10th, San Jose, CA
 (408) 283-9333
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752 Commercial, San Jose, CA
 (408) 456-0420
Deli by Caliva San Jose
92 Pullman Way, San Jose, CA
 (408) 960-8309
14. No
2943 Daylight Way, San Jose, CA
 (408) 224-0420
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1014 Timothy Drive, San Jose, CA
 (408) 849-3706
White Fire
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111 Old Tully Road, San Jose, CA
 (408) 564-4512


To locate a registered cannabis business near you, view this map:



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