Be Confident – Buy Legal Cannabis

Cannabis word cloudThe San Jose Police Department’s Division of Cannabis Regulation works closely with licensed San Jose cannabis retailers to ensure they follow local and state cannabis regulations. Buying cannabis from licensed retailers gives you confidence that you are getting the cannabis you desire, you are getting what you pay for, and it has been tested. You also support the local economy, and allow the legal cannabis market to come out of the shadows and thrive.

The San Jose Police Department does not advocate using cannabis in any way;
however, if you choose to buy cannabis in San Jose, we urge you to do so only from licensed retailers.

For health information related to cannabis, please visit...

California Department of Public Health’s Let’s Talk Cannabis website.

If you want help with drug addiction, please visit...

Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services website.

Why Buy Legal Cannabis Products?
Legal and regulated cannabis is better for the community. It promotes a healthy marketplace by providing a safe place to purchase cannabis.  Local and state authorities monitor the entire supply chain of legal cannabis from when and where it is grown, through product manufacturing and testing, and finally to the consumer.  Here are a few reasons to purchase cannabis from licensed retailers:

  • Personal safety
    • Buying from San Jose licensed retailers ensures that you know from whom you are buying your products.
    • Licensed San Jose cannabis retailers are required to have licensed security guards on site.
    • Licensed San Jose cannabis retailers are required to be well lit for your safety.
    • Licensed San Jose cannabis retailers are required to not become a public nuisance.  This includes:
      • Removal of trash and graffiti.
      • Keeping driveways, sidewalks, fire access roads and streets adjacent to the premises clear and clean.
      • Ensuring public nuisance activities like public drunkenness, public urination and illegal drug activity do not occur on or near the property.
  • Product Safety
    • As a licensed retailer, it is in the business’s self-interest to stock quality, reputable products.
    • Unless otherwise stated on the package, products available from licensed retailers have been tested for pesticides, mold, toxins or other harmful substances under strict California regulatory standards.
    • If you buy a product that makes you sick, other products from the same batch can be identified and pulled from store shelves to prevent harm to other consumers.
  • Consumer Confidence
    • When you buy a cannabis product from a licensed retailer that has been labeled as containing a certain amount of THC, CBD or other ingredient, you are getting what you pay for and you are assured that the product has been tested.
    • Licensed retailer scales are checked by Santa Clara County’s Department of Weights and Measures for accuracy, so you know you are getting cannabis that has been accurately measured.
    • If you have a problem with a San Jose licensed retailer, you have several places to voice your concerns.
      • You can contact the San Jose Police Department’s Division of Cannabis Regulation at 408-537-1420, or send an email to
      • You can contact any of the three California state licensing authorities:
        • Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) at (833) 768-5880, or send an email to
        • California Department of Food and Agriculture (“CDFA”)’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division at 1-833-CALGROW (1-833-225-4769), or send an email to
        • Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch of the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) at (855) 421-788, or send an email to
    • Local and state regulators have authority to inspect all cannabis licensees and ensure compliance with local and state laws and regulations.

Why stay away from illegal cannabis dealers?

  • You don’t always know from whom you’re buying your cannabis.
    • You could be supporting illegal street gangs and cartels.
    • You don’t have a safe, well-lit place to get your cannabis.
    • You could get robbed by the person who shows up to deliver your cannabis.
      • Since illegal cannabis dealers aren’t licensed, it makes identifying them harder for law enforcement.
  • You cannot trust the package contents.
    • You have no way of knowing if you are getting the strain you want.
    • You don’t know if the illegal cannabis dealer weighed your product accurately – you might be getting less than you pay for.
    •  You don’t know if the product has been tested for pesticides, mold, toxins or other harmful substances.
  • You have little recourse if you are ripped off.
    • Illegal cannabis dealers avoid regulations for a reason – their products and business practices cannot be trusted.
    • Local and state licensing authorities do not know who the illegal dealer is, which makes enforcing against them challenging.
    • If an illegal cannabis dealer sells you moldy cannabis, the rest of his or her products cannot be identified and pulled from the market.]

For more information on all three state licensing authorities and their efforts to regulate the cannabis industry, please visit the California Cannabis Portal website at



Any cannabis business or delivery service not on this list is NOT registered with the City and not operating lawfully in accordance with the San Jose Municipal Code.

Registered Cannabis Business
1.  Delivery Icon
1190 Coleman Ave., San Jose, CA
 (408) 320-0230
CA Collective
210 Phelan Ave., San Jose, CA
 (408) 809-4301
3. Delivery Icon
1695 S 7th, San Jose, CA
 (408) 297-2615
4. Delivery Icon
3591 Charter Park Drive, San Jose, CA
 (408) 264-7877
5. Delivery Icon
985 Timothy Drive, San Jose, CA
 (408) 443-3344
6. Delivery Icon
1365 N 10th, San Jose, CA
 (888) 994-2726
ext 4
7. Delivery Icon
1761 Smith Ave., San Jose, CA
 (408) 266-4293
8. No
543 Parrott Street, San Jose, CA
 (408) 297-0543
9.  No
1859 Little Orchard, San Jose, CA
 (408) 982-3170
10.  Delivery Icon
1075 N 10th, San Jose, CA
 (408) 298-8837
11.  No
2121 S 10th, San Jose, CA
 (408) 283-9333
12. Delivery Icon
752 Commercial, San Jose, CA
 (408) 456-0420
Deli by Caliva San Jose
92 Pullman Way, San Jose, CA
 (408) 960-8309
14. No
2943 Daylight Way, San Jose, CA
 (408) 224-0420
1014 Timothy Drive, San Jose, CA
 (408) 849-3706
White Fire
Delivery Icon
111 Old Tully Road, San Jose, CA
 (408) 564-4512


To locate a registered cannabis business near you, view this map:



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