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SJPD investigating school teacher for possible sex crimes
Filed under Press Release, on 5/31/2012 11:19:00 AM by Author: Sergeant Jason Dwyer #3551.

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Possession of Child Pornography / Manufacturing Child Pornography  
LOCATION: City of Milpitas
SUSPECT: Johnny Urias AGE: 50
ADDRESS:  San Jose Resident

Suspect Johnny Urias San Jose:
The San Jose Police Department's Child Exploitation Detail is currently investigating the possibility that a teacher at Will Rogers Elementary School in East San Jose has committed lewd acts with students.  The suspect, Johnny Urias, was recently arrested and booked by Detectives from the Milpitas Police Department on charges of possession and manufacturing of child pornography.  There are no known incidents of reported sexual abuse by the suspect at Will Rogers Elementary School.  However, in the interest of public safety and the possibility that there may be unreported victims, the San Jose Police Department has been working closely with the Milpitas Police Department and Will Rogers Elementary School to locate any victims of abuse. 
The case began inAugust of 2011, when the Milpitas Police Department began investigating the suspect for possession of child pornography.  The investigation lasted several monts.  On 5/30/2012, Milpitas Detectives arrested the suspect at his residence in the 1400 block of Merry Lane in San Jose.  The suspect was booked into the Santa Clara County Main jail. 
Though the San Jose Police Department currently has no open cases listing Johnny Urias as a suspect, Detectives from the San Jose Police Department's Child Exploitation Detail will continue to work closely with the Milpitas Police Department, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office, and Will Rogers Elementary School to ensure that any criminal cases that are identified involving the suspect that occurred in San Jose will be investigated promptly and thoroughly. 
Any inquiries regarding the suspect's arrest or the Milpitas case should be directed to the Milpitas Police Department. 
BY: Sgt. Jason Dwyer #3551 AUTHORIZED BY: Sgt. Jason Dwyer #3551
DATE: 5/31/2012 TIME: 11:30 AM DATE: 5/31/2012 TIME: 11:30 AM


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