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Illegal Possession of Firearms
Filed under Press Release, on 6/20/2013 3:01:00 PM by Author: Albert Morales #3477.

TYPE OF CRIME: Illegal Possession of Firearms
LOCATION: 1900 block of Quebec Way DATE: 06/19/2013 TIME: 7:03 PM
SUSPECT: Matthew Jacksich AGE: 33 years
Suspect: Matthew Jacksich
Suspect: Matthew Jacksich

San Jose:
On June 19th 2013, at approximately 7:03 P.M., the San Jose Police Department's Armed & Prohibited Person's Detail (APPD) conducted a compliance check at 1900 block of Quebec Way. Officers made contact with the person who was prohibited from possessing firearms. The subject was identifed as 33 year old San Jose resident Matthew Jacksich. Suspect Jacksich answered the door holding a loaded firearm. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident and the firearm was secured. The suspect was under the influence of drugs and a probation search was conducted.
In addition, drugs and a gun safe were located inside the suspect's bedroom. When the safe was opened a total of 37 guns (21 rifles and 16 handguns) were confiscated and booked at the San Jose Police Department. It should be noted that the two prohibited weapons (Thompson semi-automatic submachine gun (45 cal)/Springfield 308 M-1 Garrand) registered to the suspect were also recovered. The suspect was booked at Santa Clara County Jail for a probation violation and several weapons and narcotics violations.
A person becomes prohibited if he or she is convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor, is placed under a domestic violence restraining order or is determined to be mentally unstable. The California Department of Justice maintains a database of persons who are prohibited from possessing firearms for one of the above reasons. Information from this database is shared with law enforcement. The San Jose Police Department regularly deploys a team of officers working in an overtime capacity to contact San Jose residents who are on the Armed Prohibited Persons list and seize weapons that are possessed illegally.

The Police Department deploys its APPS details as part of a proactive effort to reduce gun violence in San Jose as well as the potential for gun violence that exists when firearms are possessed by criminals and those who are mentally unstable.

Seized evidence
Map location is approximate, rounded to the 1900 block of Quebec Way
BY: Officer Albert Morales #3477 AUTHORIZED BY: Sgt. Dwyer #3551
DATE: 06/20/2013 TIME: 4:20 PM DATE: 06/20/2013 TIME: 4:30 PM


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