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SJPD's Summer Violent Crime Reduction Plan Final Numbers
Filed under Press Release, on 9/12/2013 10:54:00 AM by Author: Sergeant Jason Dwyer #3551.

SJPD Transitions from its Violent Crime Reduction Plan to a Long Term Gang Suppression Strategy


San Jose:
The San Jose Police Department's Violent Crime Reduction Plan (VCRP) was established as part of a focused, proactive effort to reduce violent crime as well as increase police presence and visibility in our community.  The VCRP began on June 20th, 2013 and transitioned to a long term gang suppression strategy on September 1st, 2013.  The suppression of gang-related crime remains a core competency of the San Jose Police Department and as such, a top priority for our officers. 

The VCRP altered the schedules of the Special Operations MERGE, METRO, and Gang Suppression Units in order to provide overlapping coverage later into the evenings and on weekends.  With the new school year getting under way, those schedules have been modified to provide additional coverage during peak school hours.  In the fiscal year 2012-2013, the Department spent approximately $1.2 million in overtime on gang suppression.  The Department has approximately $1.1 million budgeted for gang suppression in fiscal year 2013-2014.   

The above scheduling modifications alleviate the need for Traffic Enforcement (TEU) Officers to work in a patrol unit beat function for one week out of the month as part of the VCRP.  Accordingly, TEU personnel will now be re-focusing their efforts on traffic calming in high-collision areas.  Similarly, Gang Investigation Unit (GIU) personnel will be re-focusing their efforts on casework and information sharing with the Special Operations and Patrol Divisions as well as the Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force.

The Department's new long term gang suppression strategy will include the following elements:

  • Continued high-visibility patrols by MERGE, METRO, and overtime Patrol Gang Suppression Cars in known gang areas
  • A dedicated Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) consisting of 12 officers and 2 sergeants that is tasked solely with gang suppression in "hot spot" gang neighborhoods 
  • Each GSU two-officer car will be responsible for enforcement and community policing in two of the designated hot spots in order to foster accountability and ownership.
  • When not conducting high-visibility patrols, the METRO Unit will address "quality of life" concerns (e.g. grafitti, prostitution, blight) within their assigned Patrol Divisions.    
  • Ongoing gang/crime intelligence information sharing with patrol personnel so officers are better prepared when patrolling their respective patrol beats
  • Collaborative information sharing with the Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force staff 
  • A data-driven, strategic deployment plan that ensures that the focus remains on the most problematic gang neighborhoods            

Included below are the updated statistics regarding specific gang suppression efforts, Uniform Crime Report violent crime statistics, and gang-related violent crime statistics.

SJPD Gang Suppression Efforts
Below are aggregate statistics on specific gang suppression activities conducted by the METRO Unit, the MERGE Unit, the Gang Investigations Unit, the overtime patrol Gang Suppression Cars, and the newly formed Gang Suppression Unit as part of the Violent Crime Reduction Plan. All foot patrols and high-visibility patrols were conducted in "hot spot" areas that were strategically selected for their high level of criminal street gang activity.

JUNE 20 - AUGUST 31, 2013 

Gang Enforcement Activities Totals
Arrests 83
Warrant Arrests 56
Guns Recovered 4
Knives/Blunt Force Weapons Recovered 3
Searches 357
Criminal Citations 88
Community Policing Foot Patrol in Hot Spot Areas 912 Hours

Gang-Related Violent Crime
Below are the gang-related violent crime statistics compiled by the Department's Gang Investigations Unit.  Overall, gang-related violent crime through the end of August, 2013 dropped approximately 19% from the same time in 2012.

Gang Related Violent Crime 2012
% Change
Homicide 14 8 - 42.9  %
Aggravated Assault 134 115 - 14.2 %
Robbery 33 20 - 39.4 %
Simple Assault 27 26 -  3.7 %
Total 208 169 -18.8%

Uniform Crime Report
Below are the UCR violent crime statistics through August of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012. San Jose had 30 homicides between January and August 2013 compared to 31 in 2012 for a -3% change.  Eight of those homicides have been determined to be gang-related compared to 14 at this time last year for a 42.8% reduction in gang related murders. Overall, violent crime in San Jose through August of 2013 has dropped over 10% from the previous year.

% Change
Homicide 30 31 -3.2%
Rape 169  179 -5.5%
Robbery 714  810 -11.8%
Aggravated Assault 1208  1342 -9.9%
Total Violent Crimes 2121  2362  -10.2%

Moving Forward
The San Jose Police Department will continue to work collaboratively with the Mayors Gang Prevention Task Force, monitor the location and frequency of violent incidents in the City, and deploy its resources accordingly. The Department is also continuing its proactive efforts to conduct anti-gang outreach and education through the use of social media and podcasts.

"We had a great plan and our officers worked hard to reduce the violence," commented Acting Chief Larry Esquivel. "We  have had some success in reducing gang related violence thus far. Now it's time to look forward to the school year and continue our efforts for the long term."  Added Chief Esquivel, "Gang suppression is only part of the solution.  We must continue our partnership with the community and the Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force in seeking alternatives to the high risk gang lifestyle for our City's youth."   

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BY: Sgt. Dwyer #3551 AUTHORIZED BY: Chief Larry Esquivel
DATE: 9/16/2013 TIME: 8:00 AM DATE: 9/16/2013 TIME: 8:00 AM


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