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Thank you for being a top professional agency with excellent staff!
A resident followed a suspect home after witnessing a hit and run, called police for assistance and follow-up.

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[On November 26, 2015 Dale U. wrote to compliment Officer Wilson #2857 and other officers and dispatchers for professional assistance after witnessing  a Hit-and-Run vehicle collision.]

Subject: Hit and run accident

Comment:  On 11-26-15 at approximately 1130 hours, my wife and I witnessed a hit and run accident by a reckless driver in a Dodge Durango who swerved in front the victim who was driving a new Jeep Cherokee, with her baby in her car, at Delmas & San Fernando.

My wife stayed with the victim and I followed the driver, who refused to stop even though I told him he hit the victim car. The suspect continued to drive down side streets and eventually stopped in his driveway as I pulled in behind him and blocked him in. I identified myself as a retired Sheriff's Captain and told him I was calling your agency. Using profanity he threatened to assault me, but backed off after I told him I didn't think so and that I was was not going to leave. The dispatcher was excellent and kept me on the phone getting pertinent information and making sure things were not escalating. 

Two units arrived quickly on scene. By this time the agitated swearing mother of the 25 year [old] suspect wanted me arrested because I wouldn't move my car. All attempts to explain why I wouldn't leave fell on deaf ears. 

Officer Steven Wilson badge 2857 explained that the car was evidence and her son was a suspect in a hit and run and that as far as arresting me it wasn't going to happen. He was no-nonsense, professional, and very competent. There were two other unidentified officers on scene who were also very professional. 

I just want to thank your officers, especially Officer Steven Wilson, and your dispatcher, for doing such a great job! Your quick response time, defusing the mother and the suspect (as best they could) and doing a very thorough investigation, not only left me, a 30 year veteran retired sheriff's captain extremely impressed, but it left the same impression on the victim and my wife. 

Thank you again for being a top professional agency with excellent staff!

Dale [U], Sheriff's Captain retired

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