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Thank you for clearing the home, locating a burglary suspect in a car in the garage.
A resident wrote with thanks: "tremendous" dispatcher and a "fabulous job" by officers Brown, Flores and Mattocks.

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[On January 11, 2016 Colleen M. wrote to compliment a "tremendous" SJPD Dispatcher as well as Officers Brown #4409, Flores #3881, and Mattocks #3861 for doing a "fabulous job" apprehending a burglary/home invasion suspect located in a car inside the garage.]

Subject: Great Job SJPD

Comment: On Sunday evening, 1/3/16 I called 911 and reported someone breaking into my garage. Scared to death, the Dispatcher went above and beyond to keep me focused and watching for the officers to arrive. I am grateful for his tremendous service. He is a wonderful asset to your department. I didn’t get his name and I wanted to thank him as well. [The dispatcher's name was Chris Orozco-Esquivel #984X

I would also like to call out three Officers (out of the 7, including Adam 10) who did a fabulous job finding the guy in my car. Can you imagine if the Officers cleared the house and he was still in my car the next day? 

Officers George Brown #4409, Miguel Flores #3881 and Sean Mattocks #3861 made sure I was upstairs and away from the garage while they searched. I am so grateful to their fine work, and slightly embarrassed to have so many units arrive. The guy was yelling that he was high on Meth, Acid and other drugs I've never heard of.

The Officers did such a good job considering we could have had a different outcome had he got into to the house. I've lived in this neighborhood for over 30 years and we’ve never had this much trouble. Being a widow is especially hard. It's so scary these days. I know there is nothing I can do but thank your Officers for what they do day in and day out. I know it isn't easy. Your men and women remain in my thoughts and prayers, especially the Adam and Tom units that keep our neighborhood safe.

I hope you thank these men and the rest of the Officers who came to the house for me as well. 

Warm Regards,
Colleen M.

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