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Thank you for responding to threats against volunteers and providing police escorts.
A resident wrote to express thanks for help protecting anti-graffiti volunteers as they worked in a dangerous area

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[On August 27, 2016 John H. wrote to complement Lt. Chris Monahan for his quick follow-up responding to threats against volunteers.]

Subject:  Lt Chris Monahan Follow-up On Threats to Volunteer

Comment: We wanted to thank Lt. Chris Monahan for his quick follow-up in responding to threats against volunteers who abate graffiti near Westmont Ave and Quito Road. His team also helped coordinate police escorts here as we worked in this dangerous area.

Chris shows himself as someone who cares. I know he’s a super busy guy, but despite everything that’s going on, he makes time to be responsive and puts his heart into it. After talking around, I discovered that he has a reputation for this.

We probably would have already given up on getting rid of the blight around our neighborhood, but Chris has many times been the wind in our sails to keep us going. Crime has been greatly reduced in our neighborhood because of it.

Thank you Chris! 

[John H also wrote separately to complement Officer Bill Wolfe for his help escorting the graffiti abatement  volunteers.]

Subject: Bill Wolfe Did a Great Job!

Comment:  We really appreciate officer Bill Wolfe escorting volunteers today as we abated graffiti in a dangerous area near Quito Rd. and Westmont Ave. He is a very nice officer and had good information for us.



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