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Two officers became helpful dog catchers - she is our 'baby', help appreciated.
A resident wrote to thank unnamed officers for stopping traffic and getting out of their car to help catch a dog.

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[On August 22nd, 2016 Lori W. wrote to express her appreciation for two unnamed officers who stopped to help protect and catch the family dog.]

Subject:  Helping me catch my dog

Comment:  There were 2 officers that were driving down my street Corbin Ave. just befor 5pm Sunday Aug. 21, 2016.  I did not catch their names but I am so grateful to them.

Not only did they block the street so my dog would not get hit by car, they got out and helped us get her into my yard.

I know its not much too others but she is our baby please let them know how much we appreciate their help.

Thank you,

Lori W.

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