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A late night telephone call from the Police results in thankful relief for a father.
A father wrote to thank Officer Rollins for his professionalism and help protecting his daughter.

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[On August 10th, 2016 Frank L. wrote with thanks for officer Rollins for his help and professionalism and for protecting his daughter.]

Subject: Thank you Officer Rollins

Comment: Hello,  As a parent, it is not often that one receives a call from a police officer at 1am, and is relieved and thankful for the call. I want to thank Officer Rollins for being there for my daughter, Grace, when she needed help.

Grace attended a music event, and as a result of a personal issue was left outside the event in downtown San Jose at 1 am, without her phone, alone and crying, and no way to get home (Mountain View).

My daughter found Officer Rollins, who called me and explained the situation. We agreed that I would arrange for an Uber to pick her up, and he waited for me to call back and confirm the Uber. He stayed with her for the next few minutes until the Uber showed up.

I very much appreciate his professionalism, caring and ensuring that she was safe.

Best regards,
Frank L.

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