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A resident wrote with thanks for help at the Airport when an officer returned a phone
Asked why she does the job... she smiled and replied, "I've always wanted to protect and serve."

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[On July 14th, 2016 Demetra M. wrote with thanks for Ofc Solomon, who "dogged the trail" to help return a cellphone lost at the airport.]

Subject: Officer Marie Solomon

Comment:  Dear Chief Garcia: 

Against the back of other events across the country, I did want to make the time to bring to your attention the fine service of your Officer Marie Solomon.

A member of the public found my lost cell phone in San Jose International Airport and brought it to Officer Solomon's attention. This may seem trivial in the grander scheme of events, but there has been a serious illness in my immediate family, but I have been travelling and the cellphone is a real-time lifeline and information channel for me and my family.

Officer Solomon took the time to text my last contact - a cousin in Los Angeles - and then was kind enough to dog the trail until she heard back from me. Then, she met me in the Airport to return the phone.

Again, it may seem a simple thing - but for our family, it was a large gesture of great kindness and thoughtfulness from a public servant who bears such great, critical and sometimes dangerous responsibilities.

Officer Solomon was at the Airport, on duty as part of the mandatory overtime, and the 5 officers in Dallas had literally just been killed. We discussed that for a few moments, and I had to ask her why she assumed such a difficult responsibility, in these troubled times, for pay that I know must be utterly eclipsed by the challenges and threats. She smiled and replied, “I've always wanted to protect and to serve.”

Dallas reminds us that these are very perilous times, and Officer Solomon reminds of the humanity of our law enforcement officers. Kudos, from me and my family.


Demetra M.

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