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Appreciation for the three officers who helped look for a lost phone.
A resident offered positive feedback for 3 officers and their late night efforts to look for a lost phone.

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[On September 28th, 2016 Yen D. wrote to express appreciation for the three officers who responded to a call about a lost phone.]

Subject: Positive Feedback

Comment: Hello, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the three officers who assisted me by responding to a call about my lost phone. Although we did not succeed in recovering the phone, the officers were extremely kind, courteous, and helpful.

I primarily dealt with Officer Winco, who patiently explained to me what steps could be taken to look for my phone and what my options were under the circumstances. He and the other two officers took almost an hour of their time, late at night, to help us search for the phone, and knock on peoples’ door to inquire about it.

Overall, I had a very pleasant interaction. 

Date 9/23/16
Officer Winco 3776, Officer Guy 4278, Officer Bucholz 4327

Yen D.

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