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A commendation for officers, a welfare check discovering a deceased family member.
Officers were helpful, considerate, kind, and professional, offering moral support upon discovering the deceased.

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[On September 6th, 2016 Aletta S.. wrote a note of commendation for officers who provided a welfare check, discovering a deceased family member.]

Subject: Officers C. Zarate #3165, M. Rodriquez #3180

Comment: Hi, I’m hoping that a note of commendation can be put in personnel files for Officers Christine Zarate #3165 and Manuel Rodriquez #3180. These were the two officers that came to do a welfare check on my sister, Jane L., at [address removed] on Sept. 20, 2016.

After my sister was found deceased, they were both extremely helpful and considerate, checking on my well being as well as other family members. They were kind, professional and facilitated everything running smoothly, from helping the fire dept gain access to the apt. till the coroner finished her examination, 3 hours later.

I also want to commend Officer Brent Osborn #4217, who although was off-duty, came to offer moral support and help me deal with the coroner’s investigation. (I am a bit biased, however, as he is my son-in-law), but he was also extremely helpful.

With much appreciation,
Aletta S.

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