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A resident wrote to thank officers who arrived quickly to remove an armed trespasser
Thanks to Officers Miller and Luu for responding quickly and taking an armed trespasser into custody.

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[On October 31st, 2016 Art A. wrote a thank you note for officers who helped remove a man sleeping on their doorstep]

Subject: Officers Miller and Luu

Comment: Both officers responded to my home after my wife reported a man sleeping at our front doorstep while I was at work.

Officer [sic] responded promptly, the man in question had an arrest warrant and had a vast criminal history. He had put a piece of tape over our security camera and was armed with a home made shank. I left work immediately and arrived to see the officers questioning the man in handcuffs. I was VERY upset, and the conduct of the officers was exceptional.

I’m happy to have officers like this working in our neighborhoods.

Art A.

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