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A thank you, for courteous and professional service helping to process a car accident
The officers did an amazing job maintaining calm and re-assuring the victims.

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[On January 13th, 2017, Volker H. wrote with thanks for officers courtesy and professional service after an auto accident.]

Subject: Thank You Officer Bui and Colleague Badge #3227

Comment: I would like to compliment officer Bui and his colleague for their courteous and professional service helping me process a car accident on Wednesday January 11th. Although I was not injured, I was still badly shaken up after having been hit by another car at a non-functioning traffic light. I was devastated because my new car had been destroyed and it took me a few hours to realize that I was actually in shock.

If it had not been for Officer Bui and his colleague things would have not been as smooth between the two parties. They did an amazing job keeping me and the other party calm, re-assuring us how lucky we were not to have gotten any bad injuries and that "everything would be OK" and handled by the insurances. They handled everything so calmly, called the tow truck and even made sure that both parties had a way to leave the accident scene.

Thank you so much for your service. You made both me and the other party feel safe and treated respectfully and professionally. Good Job San Jose Police Department! Good Job officer Bui and Colleague!


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