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A resident wrote to compliment an officer's gesture of community kindness.
A hand delivered, lost cell phone prompted Greg R. to write a note of thanks for the officer's gesture of kindness

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[On March 18th 2017 Greg R. wrote to compliment an unidentified officer for "superior public relations skills/awareness" and for the "gesture of community kindness put forth by the officer."]

Subject: Above & beyond

Comment: On 3/18/2017 at 2:48 pm. Unidentified officer* knocks on my door and asks if I am "Greg R___." I answer, "yes I am," and he immediately hands me my cell phone I had yet to discover was missing.

I had just returned from the Smart & Final store on Hillsdale where another incident was taking place when I departed the store. In my infinite wisdom, it seems I took that opportune time to [drop] my company cell phone without noticing. The officer found it and upon realizing it did not belong to the person involved in the incident at the store, checked my emergency directory and found out who I was. He then hand delivered it to me at my house even before I had noticed it was missing.

I consider that above & beyond, and whoever this officer was he deserves complete credit for his superior public relations skills/awareness. I hope the San Jose Police Department fully appreciates the positive gravity of something as simple as this gesture of community kindness put forth by the officer.

I do not see myself requiring the crime fighting skills of the SJPD, and I hope it remains as such, however I sure would like to see this compliment find its way to whoever that officer was, and his superiors as well.


Greg R.

San Jose, CA

[* Note: Records indicate that Officer Gary Jungling #2919, was the officer involved.]

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