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A resident wrote to express gratitude for officers who helped recover a stolen car.
"We were in a panic and extremely stressed... We feel extremely grateful and safe to have you guys around".

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[On June 19th 2017 Sunil M. wrote to express gratitude and appreciation for SJPD Officers and CSOs who helped recover his stolen car.]

Subject: Dear Chief Garcia,

Comment: I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate and thank SJPD officers who helped recover our stolen car quickly.  CSO Nguyen did a great job quickly grasping the situation and helped coordinate the effort between dispatch center and field officers.  Officer Estantino, Officer Silvia and Officer Cristancho were super quick in recovering the car.  

We were in panic mode and extremely stressed - these officers made us feel comfortable and helped relieve some of the pain.  We feel extremely grateful 
and safe to have you guys around us. 

Thank you!
~Sunil & Family

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