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A husband wrote with thanks for an officer's caring assistance during serious illness
An officer "came from nowhere" - "called paramedics" - "helped my wife to sit and held her head."

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[On June 5th 2017 Sundar S. wrote with thanks for an officer’s caring assistance when a family member fell seriously ill at a movie theater.]

Subject:  Thank you Officer John Seaman #860A,

Comment:  My wife fell seriously ill while we were watching a movie at a Theater in Oakridge mall on May 26th . She had severe food poisoning and became very weak . While I rushed to get our car from [the] parking lot, my son and my daughter tried to help her out of the theater but my wife became very pale and could not walk. 

Officer John Seaman came from nowhere and not only helped my wife to sit but held her head since she became very weak, and called the paramedics as well .  He made sure that she was taken care [of].

[Our] family would like to Thank Officer John Seaman !!

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