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A resident wrote about a fine moment of community and folks helping one another.
A resident enlisted police assistance to help a confused, elder gentlemen find his way home. Well done!

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[On June 15th, 2018 Cynthia S.wrote to compliment an officer for, "A fine moment of community and folks helping one another."]

Subject: Officer Zanotto #3657 is Awesome!

Comment: While walking home from the store one evening last week, there was an older Asian gentlemen at the corner of Meridian and Foxworthy looking confused. He approached me and said he was lost and needed help getting back to his son’s home. He was embarrassed and very difficult to understand, so I called 911 and waited with him.

Officer Zanotto arrived and was so friendly and welcoming. He later left a message on my cell phone stating he got [Mr. L.] home safely (just around the corner) and thanked me for my help! Extremely kind of him and his engagement with [Mr. L.] was so commendable.

Nice job, SJPD! Well done.

It was so nice to be involved in that whole encounter. A fine moment of community and folks helping one another.

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