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A resident complimented Ofc. Orabuena #4454 for his Exemplary level of service.
On July 13th, 2019 Robert W. complimented Ofc. Orabuena #4454 for his "Exemplary level of service, Above and Beyond."

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[On July 13th, 2019 Robert W. complimented Ofc. Orabuena #4454 for his "Exemplary level of service, Above and Beyond."]

Subject: Exemplary level of service "Above and beyond"

Comment:  I wanted to commend officer Frank Orabuena badge number 4454. The officer went to great [lengths] using his resourcefulness to contact me in regards to a grand theft, fraud and mail tampering case he was investigating. My wife and I were victims, and would've suffered great financial and emotional hardship if it weren't for Frank's resourcefulness.

When he contacted multiple financial organizations representing us he met with no support. That didn't deter him from continuing his attempts to contact us and resolve the matter.

It's this kind of behavior that builds trust and support between citizens and the police department. He handled this investigation with professionalism and compassion.

Please convey to him our sincerest appreciation in his handling of this matter. He's a credit to the department and an example for all others when dealing with victims of crime. It's officers like Frank that renew the bond between the community and the officer serving this community.

Best regards from the W. family 

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