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SJPD arrest 27 People for Prostitution Related Offenses
Filed under Press Release, on 5/30/2017 5:15:00 PM by Author: Sergeant Enrique Garcia #2936.


May 30, 2017


SJPD Metro Unit Prostitution Operation

San Jose, CA  The San Jose Police Department's Metro Unit conducted an undercover prostitution operation from May 23 thru May 26, 2017, in the area of Oak St. and S. 1st St. in San Jose. Officers solicited "dates" from suspected prostitutes and utilized female officers during a reverse “John” decoy operation.

27 adults were issued criminal citations for prostitution related offenses. 6 females were issued criminal citations for engaging in prostitution. None of the suspects were victims of human trafficking. One suspect was issued a criminal citation for possession of cocaine. 21 male suspects were issued criminal citations for soliciting a prostitute.

Of the 21 suspects, 18 were residents of San Jose. One suspect was a resident of Campbell and two resided outside Santa Clara County.  


  1. Mendoza Oswaldo, female, age 34, Oakland resident
  2. Lashaylin Smith, female, age 20, Sacramento resident
  3. Alisha Petit, female, age 20, Richmond resident
  4. Romaldo Sanchez, male, age 26, San Jose resident
  5. Tajae Willis, female, age 20, Hayward resident
  6. Brent Malloy, male, age 46, San Jose resident
  7. Rolando Sotelo, male, age 52, Pico Rivera resident
  8. Jose Noriegahuerta, male, age 45, San Jose resident
  9. Pheo Tran, male, age 63, San Jose resident 
  10. Jacob Vasquez, male, age 19, San Jose resident
  11. Jayeshkumar Senjaliya, male, age 32, San Jose resident 
  12. Antonio Banegas, male, age 46, San Jose resident
  13. Zviad Kukava, male, age 38, San Jose resident
  14. Melvin Sacmeron, male, age 26, San Jose resident 
  15. Dazhanae Williams, male, age 25, San Jose resident
  16. Diana Alejo, female, age 19, Berkeley resident
  17. David Morales, male, age 44, East Palo Alto resident
  18. Joe Gutierrez, male, age 47, San Jose resident
  19. Sang Bui, male, age 50, San Jose resident
  20. Najeeb Ansari, male, age 47, San Jose resident
  21. Makhan Singh, male, age 63, San Jose resident
  22. Aron Frances, male, age 41, Campbell resident
  23. Martin Zarate, male, age 26, San Jose resident
  24. Omar Arochi, male, age 29, San Jose resident 
  25. Hector Juarez, male, age 22, San Jose resident
  26. Hector Gordillo-Fernandez, male, age 47, San Jose resident 
  27. Latasha Sayon, female, age 26, San Francisco resident

BY: Sgt. Enrique Garcia #2936 AUTHORIZED BY: Lt. Laurence Ryan #2802           
DATE: 5/30/17 TIME: 5:00 PM DATE: 5/30/17 TIME: 5:00 PM


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