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SJPD Chief and SCCDA Reveal New Collaboration Aimed at Reducing Gun Violence
Filed under Press Release, on 2/7/2020 5:30:00 AM by Author: Sergeant Enrique Garcia #2936.





San Jose, Calif. - Today, during Gun Violence Prevention week, the San Jose Police Department and the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office announce a new partnership that targets violent armed criminals referred to as “Priority Gun Offenders.”

Priority Gun Offenders are people who present a significant danger to the public due to their illegal possession of a firearm, repeated arrests for gun crimes, and/or their involvement in a gun-related aggravated assault.

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said, “Illegally possessed or illegally manufactured firearms, used by prolific criminals drive gun violence in our community. Focusing our resources on these offenders and illegal guns will save lives and reduce gun violence. Early signs of success with the program are a testament to the close collaboration with our District Attorney’s Office.”

The new program designed to reduce gun violence in the City of San Jose has already been successful with officers seizing high-powered assault rifles, illegal manufactured “ghost guns,” and making multiple gun crime arrests.

DA Jeff Rosen said, “We will not wait until there are bodies in our streets. We are not waiting until an innocent person is caught in a crossfire. The San Jose Police Department and my Office are using our combined forces to do everything we possibly can to stop shootings before they happen.”

The program coordinates investigative efforts of San Jose Police Detectives and analysts from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office Crime Strategies Unit to identify Priority Gun Offenders. San Jose PD Special Operations teams are assigned to locate and arrest armed criminals who are currently at large or likely to commit violence in San Jose.

Chief Eddie Garcia and District Attorney Jeff Rosen have media availability upon request.


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BY: James Gonzales #3103 AUTHORIZED BY: Sgt. Enrique Garcia #2936
DATE: 2/7/2020 TIME: 5:00 AM DATE: 2/7/2020 TIME: 5:00 AM


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