SJPD Fallen Officers

Officer John Buck

Officer John Buck

1906 - 1933

Shot in the Line of Duty February 27, 1933

Died April 5, 1933

We Honor the Sacrifice He Made

On February 27, 1933, at approximately 2040 hours, Officer John Buck and Officer Clinton Moon were patrolling in the area of Julian Street and North 12th Street in one of only four radio-equipped police cars the San Jose Police Department operated in 1933.  They noticed a suspicious vehicle occupied by two males that Officer Buck believed was associated with an armed robbery that occurred the previous night.  At South Market Street and Post Street, they ordered the car to pull over. The car immediately pulled to the curb.

 Officer Buck approached the vehicle while Officer Moon sat in the driver’s seat of the patrol car, calling in the stop. Officer Buck reached the passenger side of the car, at which time he started to open the passenger door. At this point, the suspect in the passenger seat fired three rounds from a revolver at Officer Buck. He was hit in the left arm, chest and the shoulder. As he was going down, he grabbed the suspect and pulled him from the car and they both went to the ground. As the suspect got to his feet, Officer Moon fired and hit him four times.

Officer Buck was severely injured, but was still alive when he arrived at the hospital. One of the rounds that hit him punched through his badge and tore through his lung. Another round that hit his shoulder bone deflected down and severed his spine. Officer Buck struggled and hung to life for five weeks. In spite of the efforts of doctors, Officer Buck died from his wounds on April 5th, 1933 at 6:25 PM.

Officer Buck’s wife made a public appeal for the return of her husband’s badge. It had been ripped off by the bullet during the shooting. It was assumed that the badge was picked up as a souvenir by someone at the scene. The badge was never returned.

We would like to remember Officer John Buck with a moment of silence.

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