SJPD Fallen Officers

Officer Henry Bunch

Officer Henry Bunch

1952 - 1985

Killed in the Line of Duty July 29, 1985

We Honor the Sacrifice He Made

On July 29th, 1985, at approximately 0900 hrs, Officers Bunch and Officer Bridges stopped a suspected drunk driver. The driver, identified as suspect Robert Ordonez, was taken into custody without incident and transported to AIB (a processing center for drunk drivers).  Suspect Ordonez had a long history of violent behavior to include drug convictions and armed robbery.

Once at AIB, Officer Bridges secured his gun in the gun locker and Officer Bunch remained armed. As they began to process the suspect, the officers realized that they needed additional paperwork from their patrol car. Officer Bridges retrieved the paperwork while Officer Bunch remained inside of AIB. While inside AIB, suspect Ordonez attacked Officer Bunch and disarmed him. Officer Bridges heard a gunshot and ran back into AIB. Officer Bridges saw the suspect standing over Officer Bunch and holding a revolver.

Unarmed, Officer Bridges attacked the suspect and a fight for the gun ensued. During the struggle, suspect Ordonez was shot and killed.

Officer Bunch sustained a single gunshot wound and was the sixth San Jose Police Officer killed in the line of duty.

We would like to remember Officer Henry Bunch with a moment of silence.

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