Salary, Benefits and Retirement


  • Paid Academy training for Police Recruit of $34.59 an hour
  • Annual base pay range for Police Officer of $83,824 (Step 1) to $112,257 (Step 7)
  • Annual base pay range for Police Officer with required POST training completed in the Academy, $87,176 (Basic POST, Step 1) to $125,504 (Advanced POST, Step 7)


  • 4 day work week, 10 hours a day
  • 5% additional premium pay for certain specialized assignments
  • Overtime pay assignments
  • Off-duty secondary employment
  • City pays 85% of Kaiser medical plan / 95% dental plan
  • Domestic partnership benefits
  • Paid vacation of 80 hours to start, 180 hours maximum
  • Paid accrued sick leave of 96 hours annually
  • Uniform allowance pay
  • Bi-weekly bilingual pay
  • CALPERS reciprocity


Tier 1 (current employees)

Tier 2 (new employees)

Salary, benefits and retirement for the police officer position are subject to change based upon ongoing contract negotiations between the City of San Jose and the Police Officers Association.

Visit the City of San Jose, Employee Relations - Retirement website for more information on current Retirement Benefits and resources:

Visit The Offices of Retirement Services for additional information:


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