Ride-Along Information


Due To COVID-19, Ride-Alongs Have Been Suspended Until Further Notice.

We hold ride-along orientation classes which are available to the public. Everyone who plans to go on a ride-a-long must sign-up a month in advance because we have to background the participants. When you call we will need to know your date of birth, address, phone number and full name.

The main purpose of the Ride-Along Program is to improve police and public relations by familiarizing participants with the complex and unpredictable nature of police work. It can also be a great introduction to daily life on the police force.

All participants are required to be at least 18 years of age, and be able to pass a background check. The participant would then attend a ride-along orientation class and be assigned to ride in a marked patrol car with a uniformed officer approximately 30 days after attending the ride-along orientation class.

Participants who are interested in the Ride-Along program are required to provide information that will be used to perform a background check. Please click on the link provided below and submit the required information. You will be notified of the date to attend the ride-along orientation class.

All orientation classes are held in the evenings at 5:00pm. The location of the orientation is 1671 The Alameda, Suite 100 in San Jose.


  • Police Recruit Applicants in the background process should fill out and submit a Ride-along Sign-Up form.
  • Click Here to Sign-Up

    Make sure to check the box stating that, "you are currently an applicant seeking employment with the San Jose Police Department."


  • Citizens wishing to schedule a Ride-along should fill out and submit a Ride-along Sign-Up form.

    Click Here to Sign-Up

    • All RIDE-ALONG requests must be scheduled in advance and require a background check of the applicant.

    • Applicants will be required to provide the following information:
      1. Date of birth
      2. Driver's license number and issuing state
      3. Gender
      4. Last four digits of the Social Security number
      5. Current address, city and state
      6. Cell phone number

Citizens with additional questions about the ride-along program can contact the SJPD Reserve office at (408) 277-VOLT (8658).

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