Military and Veterans

Military Insignia

The San Jose Police Department welcomes military veterans who are looking for a rewarding and exciting career in law enforcement.  Because we have a paramilitary structure, military veterans often times can easily integrate into San Jose PD. With over 50 specialized assignments, veterans can utilize their military experience into their San Jose PD career.

We offer several benefits for those military veterans that qualify:

  • Veteran Preference Test Points (5 points added to the Oral Board Exam upon receiving a passing score)
  • Spouses of Veterans are also eligible for Veteran Preference Test Points
  • Up to Four (4) years, “Buy-Back” into the San Jose PD retirement system
  • Flex Time for Military Leave:  SJPD policy and City of San Jose Policy
  • Eligible for GI benefits compensation while in the Police Academy
  • Eligible for GI benefits compensation while on Field Training for on-the-job training
  • “All-in-One” weekend of testing for active duty military personnel 

Unfortunately, military veterans who do not meet the minimum college credit requirement, cannot use military service time in lieu of, or substitute for, the minimum college credit requirement.  We recommend having your military training records evaluated and converted to an equivalency of college credit through a local college.  Another means is to convert it through Joint Services Transcripts (JST) and then transfer the credit to an accredited college listed in the current edition of “Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education.” 

The Navy, Marine Corps and Army JST are currently available online at: .


Over 50 Specialized Units & Assignments (Click to expand and view the list)


Over 50 Specialized Units & Assignments

  • 290 (Sex Offenders) Registration Team
  • Air Support (Helicopter/Fixed Wing)
  • Airport Police
  • Assaults Unit
  • Auto Theft Detail (vehicle crimes)
  • Backgrounds Unit
  • Bomb Squad
  • Bureau Of Field Ops - Administration Unit
  • Burglary Unit
  • Canine Unit
  • Child Exploits (ICAC) Internet Crimes Against Children
  • City Attorney Investigator Detail
  • Court Liaison Unit
  • Covert Response Unit (CRU)
  • Crime Analysis
  • Crime Prevention
  • Crime Scene Unit
  • Crisis Management Unit
  • DEA (Drug Task Force)
  • Downtown Services Unit (DSU)
  • Family Violence Unit /Elder Abuse/ Threat Management
  • Field Training Program
  • Financial Crimes Unit (Fraud)
  • Gaming Unit
  • Gang Investigations Unit
  • Human Trafficking Unit
  • Homicide Unit
  • Information Desk
  • Intelligence Unit
  • Internal Affairs
  • Juvenile Unit
  • MERGE Unit (SWAT team)
  • Mayor's Security Detail
  • Metro Unit
  • Missing Persons Unit
  • Mounted Unit
  • Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC)
  • Patrol (14 divisions)
  • Permits Unit
  • Police Academy
  • Police Activities League (PAL)
  • Police Personnel
  • Press Information Officer (PIO)
  • Range
  • RATTF (Bay Area Auto Theft Task Force)
  • Recruiting Unit
  • Research & Development
  • Reserve Police Unit
  • Robbery Unit
  • School Liaison Unit
  • Secondary Employment Unit
  • Sexual Assaults Unit
  • Systems Development
  • Tactical Negotiator
  • Traffic Enforcement Unit (Motors)
  • Traffic Investigations (vehicle crimes)
  • Training Unit
  • Vice Squad
  • Video Unit


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