Traffic Enforcement Request Form

A Traffic Enforcement Request Form may be submitted when a resident, school official or business owner feels there is a chronic traffic problem. This form may be completed and submitted online.

Please be specific in regard to the day(s) of the week, times and locations the violations are occurring in order to fully address the issue.

For parking complaints, issues or abandoned vehicles: Please contact the City of San Jose’s Department of Transportation via the following links:

City of San Jose Parking Enforcement

If you are reporting a crime in progress or other emergency in San Jose, DO NOT USE THIS FORM. Call Emergency dispatch at 911, or cellular phone users - (408) 277-8911. For non-emergency, call 311 or cellular phone users – (408) 277-8900.

Click here to submit an Online Crime Report.

To request traffic enforcement in your San Jose neighborhood please use this form.

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* Type of Offense:
* Violations usually occur on the
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* Enforcement Location: 
   "123 Main St." or
   "1st St. and Main St."
   But NOT "First St."

Exact street name and address number or intersection.
* Additional Details: 

Use this space to add additional information about the location or description of the violation,
for example:

(200 block W. Mission St. between San Pedro St and Guadalupe Pkwy. Speeding cars, running stop sign)

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