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Captain David Santos
Central Division Commander
San Jose Police Department


Central Division Team

The Central Division Command Staff currently includes five lieutenants who cover all three watches. The Downtown Services Unit (DSU), supervised by Sergeant Leo Prescott, reports directly to the division commander. DSU is a plain clothes unit that addresses a variety of issues in the Downtown Core ranging from infractions to violent felony crimes. In addition, they work closely with the entertainment establishments, ensuring compliance with municipal codes and state law. Crime Prevention Specialists Mimi-Cristien Nguyen, Monica Rueda, and Karina Dominguez are also an integral part of our team. They have tremendous experience and are an invaluable asset in teaching community members to become more cohesive and to work with us in making our neighborhoods safer. I have the utmost confidence that my staff will provide the best service possible to all those who live, work, and play in the Central Division.


Central Division Info

Central Division includes four patrol districts totaling approximately 39 square miles.  It encompasses the businesses and high density housing of Downtown San Jose and extends north to the Alviso Marina at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay.  Some of San Jose's most recognizable landmarks are located in Central Division.  San Jose State University, San Jose City Hall,  the Peralta Adobe built in 1797 , and the home of the San Jose Sharks are all located in Central Division.  Historical Neighborhoods, such as Little Portugal and Japantown, which reflect the strong ethic diversity of San Jose, are also located in Central Division.


Crime Prevention Tip

Warmer weather means longer days, outdoor activities, fresh air, yard work and vacations.  However, open entry doors, garage doors, and windows and time spent away from home also provide more time, access and opportunities for burglars.  You can enjoy the warmer weather and protect yourself from home burglary by following a few easy tips:

  • Occupy rooms when doors, sliding doors, and windows are open.
  • Remember to close and lock doors and windows when away from home even for short periods of time.
  • Close garage doors while doing yard work to keep personal property, especially tools and bikes, safe and out of sight.
  • Close and lock side gates after yard work or family events.
  • Make your home look lived in while away. Make sure your landscaping is cared for, your interior lights are on timers and your neighbors are on watch for suspicious activity or visitors.

For more burglary prevention tips and a video click here to visit our Crime Prevention pages.

Central Division “CrimeReports” Calls For Service Map
Central Division - Map
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