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Top Ten Reasons why you shouldn't leave your car unattended:
  1. With the price of fuel, leaving your car unattended is expensive.
  2. Your insurance rates may rise.
  3. The thieves have your keys - which likely include other keys and your house keys.
  4. Your insurance company will not likely make you completely whole after a loss.
  5. Your car, if found, will rarely be left in the same condition it was in before it was stolen.
  6. Your car will be driven by someone who is not likely to treat it very nicely.
  7. When your car is stolen you are very likely to become a victim of identity theft.
  8. If your car is stolen, how will you get to work?
  9. There are thieves driving around every morning looking for cars that are left warming up.
  10. Car manufacturers don't recommend warming up your car anymore.
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Avoid Distractions

You can drive more safely if you just pay attention to driving!

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