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A mother wrote to compliment officers for their kindness, effectiveness and empathy.
Officers responded to a shocked mother's call when her son overdosed on heroin.

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[On March 6th Julie T. wrote to compliment officers for their kindness, effectiveness and empathy in managing the resuscitation of her son, overdosed on heroin.]

Subject: Officer response to [a heroin overdose in San Jose]

Comment: Dear Sir,

On Sunday March [5] at approximately 840pm two SJPD officers arrived at my home after I had called 911 following the discovery of my son overdosed on heroin.

I was numb and in a state of shock during their arrival and the subsequent process of resuscitation.

Your officers were kind, effective and empathetic. I didn't make note of their names but these two gentlemen went above and beyond. I wanted to let you know how outstanding they were during this horrific event in hopes that they may be identified for their outstanding services.

With great thanks,
Julie T.


[Note: Records indicate that three officers responded to this call,

#3548 Officer Jeff Stults, #4315 Officer Daniel Morales and #4231 Officer Scott Yamamoto]

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