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San Jose PD Updates Its Use of Force Policy on Using Chokeholds
Filed under Press Release, on 2/8/2016 11:18:00 AM by Author: Sergeant Enrique Garcia #2936.

Press Release 


San Jose, Calif.- The San Jose Police Department has updated its Use of Force policy. The new policy prohibits the chokehold as a control technique to overcome resistance. However, the policy describes, in part, that a chokehold may only be used as a deadly force option to protect the officer(s) or others from an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury.

Acting Chief of Police Eddie Garcia said, "The San Jose Police Department has worked with community leaders, Independent Police Auditor Walter Katz, and the San Jose Police Officers' Association to develop this policy. It is our belief that this policy will alleviate the community's concern over its use as a control technique while providing officers in deadly force situations every available means to survive those encounters."

"I'd like to commend the leadership of our Police Department and Police Officers Association for listening to concerns in our community and adopting this explicit policy," said Mayor Sam Liccardo. "We are proud to have the most professional and well-trained police force in the nation, and these kinds of actions will help further strengthen the trust between the Department and our community."

"In 2014, the Independent Police Auditor recognized that SJPD needed a clear and direct chokehold policy. Former IPA Judge Cordell made a formal recommendation for such a policy in our 2014 Year End Report. The IPA recommendation highlighted community concerns about SJPD practices, particularly the lack of any direction on the use of chokeholds. I would like to commend Chief Garcia for demonstrating his commitment to the community by fulfilling his recommendation, for including the Independent Police Auditor in the development of the chokehold policy, and for being a leader in best practices for law enforcement. I am optimistic SJPD will continue to be proactive in policy and practice which can only benefit the San Jose Police Department and build trust and confidence with the community," said Walter Katz, Independent police Auditor, City of San Jose.

Anyone interested in obtaining additional information on this policy may contact the San Jose Police Department's Internal Affairs Unit at 408-277-4094, the Office of Independent Police Auditor at 408-794-6226, or view the policy here: Chokehold_Policy_2016-002.pdf.

BY: Sergeant Enrique Garcia #2936 AUTHORIZED BY: Acting Chief of Police Eddie Garcia 
DATE: 2/8/2016 TIME: 11:45 AM DATE: 2/8/2016 TIME: 11:45 AM


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