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SJPD announces Military-in-Lieu of Education Recruiting Program
Filed under Press Release, on 3/18/2016 12:32:00 PM by Author: Albert Morales #3477.

The San Jose Police Department announces Military-in-Lieu of Education Recruiting Program
San Jose, Calif.   Effective immediately, the San José Police Department will allow potential recruit candidates with an honorable discharge from the United States military, including the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard, to substitute four (4) years of active duty military service for the Department’s education requirements of 40 semester college credits or 60 quarter college credits.

SJPD deeply appreciates the importance of our nation’s military personnel and the value of their experience gained in the armed services. Veterans offer a high level of experience, training, and expertise that are relevant to local law enforcement. SJPD understands that law enforcement offers an excellent career opportunity for veterans leaving the military.

Although a college education remains critical for building a well-rounded police force committed to learning, service, and community, the training and experience of veterans are recognized as an appropriate exchange in lieu of SJPD’s application requirements for a college education. The Department will continue to support ongoing professional development throughout our officers’ law enforcement careers, including opportunities that can help San José police officers complete their college degrees while serving on the police force.

“This is a great way to honor our military veterans by acknowledging their service and dedication to this country and to pave the way to a career in law enforcement with the San Jose Police Department” said Chief Eddie Garcia.

For more information on the San José Police Department Military-in-Lieu Program, please visit the SJPD recruiting website at

BY: Officer Albert Morales AUTHORIZED BY: Chief Eddie Garcia
DATE: 3/18/2016 TIME: 12:30 PM DATE: 3/18/2016 TIME: 12:40 PM


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