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New Web-Based Crime Mapping Service - Available Now
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WHAT: New Web-Based Crime Mapping Service  Crime


Thumbnail image of a crime mapDETAILS: 

The San Jose Police Department has implemented a new web-based crime mapping service called ","  making San Jose crime data available to the public via the web, email alerts and a free mobile web application.  This service extracts crime incident data on a regular basis from the Department’s records system so that the information being viewed through a Web browser is the most accurate and up to date available.  
Any resident with access to the internet can map out and analyze recent crime activity in their neighborhood. also offers free Crime Alerts which help keep the community well informed by distributing incident reports via e-mail to anyone who subscribes to the system.
The Website and the free mobile web application allow residents to see a map of recent crime activity near an address — such as a residence, place of business, or school. Members of the community can select crime types and date ranges in order to generate reports.  They can also receive e-mail updates in the form of crime alerts.
Previous online crime mapping services published by the Department displayed Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) data which represented preliminary information based on 9-1-1 calls as well as the caller’s location. data is based on incident reports from the Records Management System (RMS) and is further refined, classified and located at the incident location.
Keeping the public well informed has been proven effective in reducing crime.  The San Jose Police Department understands the value of data transparency as well as community-oriented policing.  By empowering the community to access crime information in their neighborhood, the Department hopes to further strengthen the police-community partnerships that remain a vital cornerstone of the Department’s Community Policing philosophy.  


BY: David Bartholomew AUTHORIZED BY: Lt. Jason Dwyer #3551
DATE: 5/19/2016 TIME: 8:30 AM DATE: 5/19/2016 TIME: 9:00 AM


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