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SJPD Launches The Report John Program to Reduce Human Trafficking and Prostitution
Filed under Press Release, on 9/3/2019 6:46:00 PM by Author: Officer Gina Tepoorten #3103.



Police ask the community to use new online tool targeting
sex buyers to fight human trafficking and prostitution

The Report John Program works to shrink street-level prostitution and reduce the demand for sex workers in neighborhoods. Community members can now join the fight to reduce human trafficking and prostitution by reporting "John's" they suspect of soliciting sex workers.

"We are empowering our community in an effort to combat the possible trafficking of women as well as the impacts that prostitution has on our most vulnerable neighborhoods," said San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Report John is a simple website form used on your phone, tablet, or desktop that crowdsources our eyes and ears on the street. Residents can upload a photo and provide vehicle and other identifying information on a potential John. The Department's Human Trafficking Unit then evaluates the information and determines if further investigation is warranted. If appropriate, a Public Safety Announcement (PSA) letter is sent to the registered owner's address, alerting the registered owner that his or her vehicle was seen in an area known for high levels of prostitution. This letter also serves to educate the registered owner about the dangers of prostitution and related illicit activities.

The Report John Program is a high tech addition to the multifaceted approach of reducing street-level prostitution in San Jose involving law enforcement, residents, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and programs.

Councilmember Sylvia Arenas said, "Today’s announcement is a major step forward and it is part of a larger effort between myself, my female council colleagues, our Police Department, and our City Administration to improve the City’s response to sexual assault, human trafficking, domestic violence, and all forms of violence against women."

The Report John Program was created to reduce human trafficking and prostitution in high impact areas by targeting sex buyer activity. The Report John Program acts as a deterrent to potential "Johns" looking to purchase sex by empowering residents to report sex buying activity.

Residents can start using the Report John Program on the Department's website today.

BY: Officer Gina Tepoorten #3103 AUTHORIZED BY: Lt. Paul Cook #3050
DATE: 9/3/2019 TIME: 6:45 PM DATE: 9/3/2019 TIME: 6:45 PM


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